Financial Stewardship

It is the expectation from God that we will be the best managers and distributors of God's resources that will most benefit the individual, family, or the Body of Christ. Our teachings and instructions are biblical, will break all financial bondages, and bring financial freedom.



Senior FREE Educational Seminars

Finding the right products can be confusing for so many Senior members in today's marketplace. So, we offer seminars to educate and empower Seniors on Medicare and Final Expense products for their needs. These FREE seminars are offered in NC and SC only.


Servant Evangelism

S.E. is the most nature ways to open others to Jesus. This "conspiracy of kindness" can shange your life, your community, and bring lost souls to Christ. If you are seeking an effective evangelism approach for your church, this may be your blessing.


Church Organizational Development and Leadership

Change is inevitable The question is, "have you changed to continue to advance the Kingdom of God." My expertise as an OD Consultant working along with the Church Leadership Team will discover the right structure, culture, processes, team work, etc. to fulfill the vision and mission of your church.