Financial Stewardship


One 60 minute Seminars (lecture) - $200

One 3 hrs. Workshop (materials)  -  starting at $500


* mileage, hotel & airfare (if more than a two hour drive) are not included in the rate above.


Choose Your Topic:

"God, You, and Money"


"Developing Children in Good Stewardship"


Personal Financial Coach -

minimim $100 per hour based on the complexity of the financial situation (No products endorsed, just financial principles, concepts, strategies, and product solutions). Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Terms of Coaching Agreements are available with lower fees.


Coaching can be just one hour or indefinite! In person, telephone, and/or video conference meetings coaching sessions.



-Cash Saving Strategies

-debt elimination


-insurance strategies

-auto and home buying

-retirement planning


-college education planning

-legal documents


Senior Workshops


One 60 minute Seminars  - FREE


Choose Your Topic:

"Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement. Which plans are best for me?"


"Preparing to be with the Lord, Final Expense Life Insurance."


These seminars are offered in North and South Carolina only! Also, insurance products will be promoted, so there is no fee.

Servant Evangelism


One 5 hrs Workshop - $750 minimum (Full of training & instruction)


30 days S.E. Coaching - $1,300 minimum.


Includes 5 hours workshop training, 2 telephone 30 minute consultations per week, one weekend day of field training evangelizing.

Organizational Development and Leadership


One Initial Consultation - FREE


Projects can range from a few months to over a year based on what is need to b changed. Also, fees are determined by time, organizational size, and location.


OD Consultation will consist of several collaborative meetings, interviews, surveys,  analysis, and commitment to provide the transformation requested.


Consulting fees will include time, organizational size, and location (travel expenses).