Rev. Anthony Herring, MBA, M.Div., Doctoral Learner –

Financial Coach & Organizational Development Consultant

Anthony is a humble servant of God, gifted to equip the Body of Christ to be ALL that they can be using God's resources. He is a professional financial consultant with 30 years experience, adjunct professor instructing personal and business finance for 5 years, ordained minister in the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 15 years, former Pastor, Director of Ministries, and Youth Advisor, and soon to be author in the areas of personal finance and church accountancy practices. Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge, information, and practical experience that will "bless" each individual and the church.


Are you ready to make your next move?

Improve your membership financial position? Win more souls for Christ? Increase church membership? Ready to transform your Church and Ministries for growth that correlates to the "great commission," from worship to evangelism? Are you wanting to take your church or ministry to the next level?


I offer you workshops, seminars, coaching, keynote speaker, and preaching relevant to specialized areas. Call to schedule your event or project to receive a FREE consultation.


Specialized Areas  include:

Biblical Money Subjects:

"God, You, and Money"

and "Developing Children in Good Stewardship"



Servant Evangelism Coaching:

Do You What to Reach and Lead More People to Christ? SE can do it! Reach the massives for Christ.

Organizational Development Consultant: 

Organizational Transformation Development and Leadership; and Accounting Practices and Transparency.



FREE Senior Educational Seminars:

Choosing the Right Medicare Plans and Planning to Be With the Lord, Final Expense.

 Please contact us for scheduling and consulting rates.